Pre-approved mortgage


Get the best rates and lowest closing costs

When you are ready to buy a home, it makes sense to place you in the strongest possible position to negotiate. On a strong real estate market, sellers can be more selective in the final buyer with whom they negotiate. On the market panicked sellers, it is not uncommon for a home seller to receive multiple offers on its property. That said, there are some things you can do to be sure that your offer is the one retained by the seller.

Today, the vast majority of buyers are doing it wrong and put themselves in a situation quite disadvantageous!

For a moment, consider the situation of the seller's point of view. If you were the seller and that you had received multiple offers on your property, all things being equal, would you accept the offer that funding authorization certificate or the one for which funding is conditional? The answer is obvious. So why do they expect many buyers to find the house to begin the funding?

I noticed that these buyers are generally very good qualified buyers and not worried about being approved for the loan. Although they usually right and, ultimately, they are approved, the seller, in most cases, has no guarantee.

Finally, from the point of view of costs the economy:

As a potential buyer, it makes more sense to start the financing process early so that you can have a good understanding of interest rates, the estimate of points and closing costs. If done before you find the house, you have no time constraints and it is less likely that you pay a higher rate than a buyer who has found a home and is under strict time constraint.

If you decide to take advantage of pre-authorized mortgage, simply complete the form on this page. We will send your information to one of our favorite professionals for mortgage loan that can help you find the best mortgage interest rates and the lowest closing costs.